1. 1 patrol car with working lights and siren.

  2. Two department issued, long-sleeved uniforms, patches on etc. Please ensure the uniforms properly fit the volunteers.

  3. 6 SIRT pistols or fake training pistols for the scenarios.

  4. 1 pistol that shoots blanks and 15 blanks.

  5.  1 patrol car with working lights and siren.

  6. Five (5) separate areas for training as listed below (*we will need all of the spaces all day)

    • Classroom with internet access, speakers and set up with a screen for PowerPoint.

    • Outside area with patrol car for a traffic stop

    • Two additional rooms inside for working scenarios. These rooms need to be accessible the night before to set up and be left undisturbed the night of or the morning prior to the class.

    • Animal tissue lab. This area can be outside or inside (weather consideration). Please supply a table.


5 volunteers in the afternoon. Please have the volunteers arrive by 1300 to prep.

  •  All volunteers should be of good physical health and sturdy enough to be handcuffed etc.

  • All volunteers should wear clothing that can be damaged and/or stained and should bring a change of clothes.

  • All volunteers will get full body pat-downs/hands-on assessments, so no (acceptable) personal space issues.

  • All volunteers should be at least 18 years old.


Please advise all students to:

  • Wear dark/appropriate clothing as fake blood will be used in the scenarios may stain clothing.

  • Bring duty belts, flashlights and holsters as they will be used in the afternoon scenarios.

  • Class starts promptly at 0800 and will end at 1800.


  • Our team of instructors will be arriving into town the night before the training date. We would appreciate having access to the training facility the night we arrive to map out each scenario as well as to drop off several bins of equipment. The morning of the training day, we will need access to the training facility at least 1 ½ hours prior to the class start time.

Call if you have any questions or need clarification of any of the information presented here. Please send a text to Jenn at 509-670-7906 with the contact name and phone number of the person that will let us into the facility the night before and the morning of the training date.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in hosting a Combat First Aid Class.

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